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Welcome The NEW World of ebıkes

We are Efe International. We see outdoor recreation as an
essential part of our lives.
From designing to executing, we work on innovations that
support sustainable and high-quality lifestyles.

Rydy, founded in 2021. Rydy offers complete ebikes that require no installation and ready-to-ride at first sight. Our mission is to make ebikes more accessible and to help people reduce their reliance on cars. We want to make it easy for people to ditch their fossil fuel-powered cars in favor of a more sustainable, healthy, and affordable mode of transportation.

eBikeling, founded in 2013. eBikeling electrifies your regular bikes with DIY ebike conversion kit solutions. Our mission is to breathe life into bikes by making each conversion distinct, thanks to our experience to this day. Every bike reflects its owner and their style. Each has a unique design and a personality. We value diversity. Not only taking your bike to the next level, but also preserving its own nature is our ultimate goal.


Customer Satisfaction

Years in the Business

Whether you want to go on a trail ride or have a fun day ride with your family, we will provide you with the perfect ebike solutions.

Without any doubt, outdoor recreation is an essential and enriching part of our lives.

As Efe International Inc. and our sub-brands, we want you to enjoy more during your outdoor journeys and discover your inspiring stories.

Enjoy nature, regardless of your choice, either individually or with your family or friends, and capture your next pleasure.

Discover Unlimited Beauty


We offer waterproof ebike solutions for all seasons. Unpredictable weather is no longer a concern. 

Naturally, seasonal weather patterns vary. Yet, the weather can be surprising, even unpredictable. But, each season offers outdoor lovers something unique and different. So, be weather-ready with our differentiated solutions and offers. Just explore the magical and breathtaking beauties of nature. Live your life fully and joyfully.